Plainfield Spine And Rehab: Low Back Pain

Here at Plainfield Spine And Rehab we specialize in low back pains. A majority of our practice is dedicated to helping reduce, prevent, or relieve low back pains. For simplicity, low back pain is often caused by soft tissue, disc, or joint malfunction.  

Soft tissue malfunction can be something as complex as ligament laxity, or simple as a muscle spasm. Bones are attached to muscle by tendons, if a bone is out of place that can put pressure and discomfort on the surrounding soft tissue structures. As well as if there is a pulled muscle, that will also pull on a bone and put stress there. 

Disc malfunctions are no fun. Discs are ‘little water balloons’ that sit in-between vertebrae, that act like pillows and shock springs. When a disc bulges, that will put pressure and discomfort on the nerve.  Disc malfunctions are sometime referred to a a bulging disc, disc protrusion, a slipped disc, and more. 

Joint malfunctions happen when two articulating joint surfaces are not lining up correctly. This can be due to a few reasons including but not limited to traumatic stress and repetitive stress. Spinal joints are very close to spinal nerves, as well as they are connected to spinal soft tissue structures and our vertebrae discs. When there is a joint misalignment the pressure or pain can effect surrounding structures. 

Do you have low back pain? Come in and get it checked out. Addressing these malfunctions earlier results in a quicker response to care, wait too long and a simple treatment may turn into a lengthy regiment of rehabilitation. The key is to find out what is causing the low back pain and how do we stabilize that cause. Do not let low back pain side line you anymore. 

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