Plainfield Spine And Rehab: Hiking benefits

Did you know a simple hike through nature during the day could be very beneficial for your overall health?

Hiking involves a long walk trough a different terrain then normal. Just being in a different terrain then normal is beneficial for mental health, add a long walk and now it also becomes beneficial for our physical well being. The brain needs to be stimulated, taking a walk through semi unknown areas engages the parts of the brain while relaxing other parts. Our body needs movement to function at optimum, take our lymphatic system which needs movement to circulate lymph fluid. 

The nature itself has some benefits that you probably are not recognizing. Being exposed to the pollen and allergens outside can help the body learn how mediate these same particles when exposed indoors. If the sun is out, the body will now be exposed to a fresh source of Vitamin D. Without enough sun in your life, your serotonin levels will drop and this will cause a mental imbalance. The sun is very beneficial for skin health as well, helping with acne, psoriasis, and eczema. 

Go out, explore nature, meet other people, make friends, take a break from your stress, catch some fresh air, get some sunshine in your life, and if your low back starts to hurt form too much hiking get in contact with us at