Plainfield Spine And Rehab – Chiropractic for Infants

At Plainfield Spine and Rehab we treat infants with chiropractic care for a various number of reasons. If you think about the birth process very closely, you would not be surprised to see so many new borns in our clinic coming in for a simple check up. During birth an infant is leaving a cramped space while the mother is pushing and a doctor is pulling, and as we all know infants while very resilient while being fragile.

In the video above, Dr. McCarthy shows an infant (6 months) coming in for a treatment. Some of the most common reasons we see infants in our office include constipation, colic, and ear infection. Chiropractic care with infants has shown to help improve and speed up recovery time. There are many different ways to treat a infant with chiropractic care and in the video above with Dr. McCarthy uses instrument adjusting technique. 

If you know someone with an infant that is having issues with something that you think we may able to help out with, contact us by calling or visiting our website