Plainfield Chiropractor talks about the deadlift.

“The deadlift is a weight training exercise in which a loaded barbell or bar is lifted off the ground to the level of the hips, torso perpendicular to the floor, before being placed back on the ground.”

My first time I did a deadlift my low back was tight for weeks. I did the lift completely wrong and paid the price. I have a friend that is an advance and experience lifter, he flared up a herniated disc in his low back by not paying attention in one rep. He was out of commission for three months, that’s a father who needs to provide for his family who got hurt doing something recreational that was supposed to be healthy. As a chiropractor, I love the deadlift, I get a lot of new clients from deadlifting wrong.

I use to ask, why do such a dangerous exercise if when there is so many alternatives. The deadlift hits the hamstrings, the back and the hips. I can give 4-5 exercises for each of those muscle groups that my mom could perform without the risk-reward ratio that deadlifts can have. What’s the benefits? What am i losing if anything by not doing the famous deadlift?

So the reason why I love the deadlift is:

Its a weight bearing compound movement exercise, these types exercises increase muscle mass, bone density, hormone and endorphin production. It hits the posterior chain muscle groups, which tend to be weaker in most my patients. Its one lift that hits multiple muscle groups so its a time saver in the gym. When done properly and with lower weights it can be used as a preventive exercise for lower back pain.

Here’s my deadlift tips:

1.) Become a more advance weight lifter that is in shape. Meaning learn how to properly squat before even thinking of deadlifitng. Before squatting learn how to properly lunge. Before lunging, use machine exercises to become in shape.

2.) Watch an YouTube videos on proper form for the deadlift. Where do your knees point? Where should your scapula be? Should you look up or straight forward during the lift? 3.) You are not a power lifter so check your ego at the door. You don’t need to do heavy weights even if a big dude is doing heavy weights right next to you. You don’t need to do traditional deadlifts, use a hex/trap bar or use dumbbells.  Again you are not a power lifter, this isn’t a big 3 exercise for you. This lift is an accessory lift, don’t worry about pushing numbers on this lift focus on the movement and contracting and firing the muscles at correct times meaning you should be more mentally drained than physically drained when performing this for therapeutic purposes.