Plainfield Chiropractor discusses Yoga for Low Back Pain

Yoga is physical practice that originated in India and is consider a Hindu philosophy. Yoga can help build core strength and flexibility. There are certain Yoga poses that can help with low back pain easement. 

Chiropractic is a practice designed to correct and fix musculoskeletal problems that are causing neurological symptoms such as back pain. Therapeutic exercises  designed around a specific problem can also help build core strength, flexibility as well as increase mobility/range of motion, increase strength and endurance, restore pain-free spinal movements, improve function readiness, enhance sensory processing, re-educate movements, improve balance and posture.

Chiropractic and yoga can go hand in hand. Our Plainfield office sees a lot of patients that use yoga and chiropractic to ease their low back pains. In general our office recommends any physical extracurricular exercise and stretching with no preference to any philosophy. One thing our clinic has seen is that at home stretches and exercises alone are not enough for correcting low back pains, but are excellent with helping with low back pains. 

We always recommend seeing a chiropractor, even if its not with us in Plainfield, to correct the underlying problem. As for Yoga we recommend to search for a beginner class so you can learn the basics without getting discouraged or burnt out from an expert or intermediate class.  

A couple of yoga poses we like at this clinic for at home easement for low back pain are:

1.) The Cat Pose

2.) The Chair Pose

3.) The Cow Pose

4.) The Extended Puppy pose

5.) The Downward Dog Pose

6.) The Locust Pose

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