Plainfield Chiropractic – Liver Detox and Cleanse

Lets first discuss what the liver is and what it does. The man of the hour, the liver, is an organ in the human body responsible for many functions including fat regulation, protein synthesis, storing of vitamins and minerals, removal of  toxins in the body, aids in digestion, cleans the blood, creation of hormones, and so much more. Needless to say the liver does a lot, good thing it is a very durable and regenerative organ.

Now before we go any further I would like to come clean on something. I do not believe in the words DETOX or CLEANSE, I find these words to be click bait or snake oil. For the sake of my sanity and this blog moving forward I will use the word support or aid. View the liver as living plant that we can support and aid with some extra attention, it is not a dirty sponge that we can just soak with some snake oil and squeeze to get all the gunk out. 

 So some readers are probably wondering, why should we need to support or aid a durable and regenerative organ like the liver? Well before we said how durable it was we mentioned how important it was and all the roles this one organ fulfills. In fact when there is a liver issue, it becomes a big issue. The liver is not like the appendix where we can just take it out if it is dysfunctioning, in fact its all hand on deck to get the liver back to normal whenever it is acting up.

The most common cause for a bad liver is heavy drinking or drug abuse. The next most common cause is a unhealthy diet and a sedentary lifestyle. The fact is bad livers are on the rise in America for simple lifestyle choices so simply not drinking does not exclude you from an unhealthy liver.

So heres two simple hacks to get that liver working properly: Eat a healthy balanced diet and exercise. Doing these two things alone will have your liver happy for years to come. 

BUT now on to three supplements I recommend for liver support and aid:

1.) Milk Thistle – is a herb which will help with general liver function.

2.) TUDCA – is a acid that helps with bile flow and liver enzymes.

3.) Inositol and Choline – are vitamins that help the liver break down fats and give hormonal support.

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