Migraines and Neck Pain

Migraines related to neck pain is a prominent occurrence in working family households. Especially those residing in the Naperville area. Whether it’s from commuting to work or sitting at a desk for long hours, neck pain can be an annoyance. The annoyance and pain can be heightened by the migraine that is associated with it. 89% of people who experience migraines have neck pain as well.

Most of the time while experience both neck pain and a migraine, the neck pain is caused by the migraine. There is also what is called a cervicogenic headache which results secondary to an underlying condition such as neck pain or injury. People can develop these headaches from structural problems with the cervical vertebrae or from straining their neck.

Chiropractic care can help stimulate healing as well as align the cervical vertebrae to treat these headaches at the source. They can promote healing by stimulating those muscles that provide strength and support the the neck. They can align the vertebrae with spinal manipulations. These therapies provided by chiropractors can relieve the primary source of these migraines so Naperville families can get back to their daily lives pain free.