Benefits of an Ergonomic Workplace

Sitting straight is not only thing you can do for a better posture and a healthier spine.

1. The Desk

Consider a standing/sitting desk. If you sit all day, you will slouch with enough time and put unwanted pressure on your low back. If you stand all day, you get tired quicker and perform poorly. A standing desk can help your body benefit from staying upright and gives your lower half a break, a sitting desk allows you to recover while still being productive. Adjustable desk that allow the user to sit or stand while working is the first step to a more ergonomic work space

2. The Chair

Get a posture friendly chair that has a comfortable cushion, an adjustable height lever, arm support and the ability to swivel or roll. If a lumbar support is needed, then purchase one. Considering how much time people spend at work, it is always a good long term investment to purchase anything that can help with the longevity of your job and health.

3. The Screen

Elevate your screen to eye level. If you are looking down at your screen all day, you are putting unwanted pressure in your cervical spine from decreasing its natural curvature. If you are looking up at your screen all day you are stressing cervical muscles from holding a unnatural position all day.

4. Keyboard And Mouse

If you work on a laptop regularly, consider getting a real keyboard and mouse as your hands spend time on them, this quick fix can be all the difference for some carpal tunnel suffers.

As always get your spine checked regularly and talk to your Plainfield Chiropractor about your workplace.