Plainfield Chiropractor

At Plainfield Spine and Rehabilitation, we take great pride in providing the finest chiropractic care to each and every patient. We have included information below about the different chiropractic services offered in our Plainfield chiropractic office, but please call us at 815 439 9800 if you have any questions!

Chiropractic Care

As a chiropractor who cares about utilizing the most advanced chiropractic techniques, Dr. Paul McCarthy has years of training, expertise and experience in helping patients get pain relief for back pain, neck pain, headaches, and other related conditions originating from the spine. Chiropractic care under a trained professional can even be used to prevent injuries and help you achieve total health or wellness.

We provide spinal correction and chiropractic adjustments utilizing many different chiropractic techniques including: Palmer diversified technique, Cox Flexion-Distraction, Gonstead Technique, Instrument adjusting, Activator Methods, Thompson Drop-Table Technique.

In short, some patients respond better with a more hands on type of adjustments while others respond better with a lighter approach that is assisted through an instrument or a special table. At our clinic we have a large tool box full of different techniques which allows us to offer the right tool to get the job done.

Corrective Exercises & Therapeutic Exercises

At Plainfield Spine and Rehabilitation, we teach our patients how to perform special "blueprint" exercises which can help strengthen and correct the irregularities in their body which may be causing pain. Other types of pain such as back pain, neck pain, and headaches are caused by muscles and tissues that are being used improperly, causing injuries over time. In each case, targeted corrective exercises and stretches from our experienced chiropractor will help you feel good while also helping your body achieve balance and health.


We at Plainfield Spine And Rehabilitation can also provide the following physiological therapeutic procedures to help aid healing:

  • Interferential electrical muscle stimulation - Electrical currents are used to decrease pain by creating muscle contraction.
  • Mechanical traction - Is used to gently reestablish normal ranges of motion in the spine, decompression of spinal segments, widen intervertebral foramen to relieve nerve root impingement, and produce facet distraction
  • Ultrasound - Sound energy and pressure waves help all phases of tissue repair: stimulates phagocytic activity of inflammatory cells such as macrophages , and promotes release of chemical mediators from inflammatory cells which attract and activate fibroblasts to the site of injury, stimulates and optimizes collagen production, organization and ultimately functional strength of scar tissue. Ultrasound also aids in pain relief.
  • Cryotherapy - Reduces inflammation and swelling, decrease muscle guarding while alleviating pain and muscle soreness.

Nutritional Advice

What does nutrition have to do with chiropractic care? The goal of chiropractic care is to help patients achieve total health and balance with their body, and as part of that goal we provide specific recommendations on nutritional supplements and healthy food choices. Nutritional advice by our experienced chiropractic health professional can assist a patient on their return to optimal health. Do you know which supplements and vitamins are good for you? Do you know how these supplements and vitamins interact with one another? At our Plainfield clinic, we can provide patients with nutritional advice that is based on their individual needs.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy does more than make you feel good, it can actually help your body achieve balance and health. Massage therapy offers a natural  treatment approach which actually relieves musculoskeletal pain for many patients. Our chiropractic office provides specific massage and muscular therapy that is complimentary to their chiropractic care. The benefits of massage therapy may include the increase of blood circulation, a localized reduction in swelling and the relaxation of muscles. Massage has been known to relieve muscle pain and spasms, increase a patient's range of motion, while also aiding in a patient's recovery. Some investigative studies have even indicated that a single session of massage may help boost your immune system!

We offer many different muscle therapy techinques including but not limited to: Deep Tissue, Swedish, Shiatsu, Sports Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Trigger Point Massage, Reiki

Spinal & Postural Screenings

There is a saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Your spinal health is no exception. Posture and spinal screenings by a trained and experienced chiropractor such as Dr. Paul McCarthy can help reveal important health information, unlocking the door to improved health and well-being. In order to help the Plainfield community, we provide screenings at community events, health fairs and places of employment. Contact us today at 815 439 9800 to arrange a screening at your event or workplace.