Neck Pain

Chiropractor Neck Pain

Most neck and upper back pain is caused by a combination of factors, including injury, poor posture, chiropractic subluxations, stress, and in some instances, disc problems. At Plainfield Spine and Rehabilitation, neck pain is the most common discomfort we see in our clinic next to low back pain. Most people do not realize how much they move their neck during the day until they are unable to do so.

The spinal cord runs through a space in the vertebrae to send nerve impulses to every part of the body. Between each pair of cervical vertebrae, the spinal cord sends off large bundles of nerves that run down the arms and to some degree, the upper back. This means that if your arm is hurting, it may actually be a problem in the neck! Symptoms in the arms can include numbness, tingling, cold, aching, and "pins and needles". 

These symptoms can be confused with carpal tunnel syndrome, a painful condition in the hands that is often found in people who work at computer keyboards or perform other repetitive motion tasks for extended periods. Problems in the neck can also contribute to headaches, muscle spasms in the shoulders and upper back, ringing in the ears, otitis media (inflammation in the middle ear, often mistaken for an ear infection in children), temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ), restricted range of motion and chronic tightness in the neck and upper back. All of which can be treated by your chiropractor.

Poor Posture and “Text Neck”

One of the most common causes of neck pain, and sometimes headaches, is poor posture. Are you looking down at your phone or computer too long? It's easy to get into bad posture habits without even realizing it - even an activity as "innocent" as reading in bed can ultimately lead to pain, headaches, and more serious problems. 

Contact us at Plainfield Spine And Rehabilitation if you are having neck pain, relief can be only a phone call away!