Chiropractic And Kids

When a child first learns to crawl they will hold their head in an uncomfortable flexion for long periods of time just so they can explore. When a child first learns to stand up they tend to fall often. When a child first learns walk they start to fall into, onto or from objects. If all these mini traumas are left uncorrected, they can become traumas that have far-reaching effects.

Once a child leaves the toddler stage behind they tend to learn physics and physical science first hand from slides, monkey bars, and other fun objects around the playground. Some of the more serious injuries we see at Plainfield Spine And Rehabilitation are the one from school, recess, and unorganized games. The kids are just learning their boundaries, life is happening but so are traumas that need to be checked.

Finally the child hits puberty and the growths of teenage life is about to happen. During this period of time kids are playing organized competitive sports, their body is growing and they are carrying heavy book bags. Things get can get complicated quick so don’t let scoliosis go unchecked during this important timeline!

Ask your Chiropractor how fixing your child's nervous system can help treat: Constipation, Bed wetting, Chronic ear infections, Immune deficiency issues, Asthma and Allergies, Breathing difficulties, and/or recovery from an illness or injuries.