Meet The Chiropractor

Plainfield Chiropractor - Dr. McCarthy

Paul McCarthy D.C. is a Plainfield chiropractor who serves Plainfield and the surrounding communities in IL .


I'm, Dr. McCarthy, and I was born in Illinois and graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. I choose Palmer because of it's prestige, history of being the first chiropractic school, and to join the legacy of my uncle who also served in this profession.

I grew up in a family where a majority of my relatives worked in a healthcare field. I have a Grandfather that was a MD, a Grandmother that was a PT, a Mom that is a surgical technician, Aunts that are RN and MD's, Uncles that are surgeons and chiropractors, and cousins that are nurses and technicians.

As a young kid I knew I was going to serve in a health care profession and my fate would be sealed after I received beneficial chiropractic treatments for my bronchitis that were more effective for my breathing than the inhalers. It was the first hand knowledge that chiropractic can help more than just back pain that carved my path to this awesome profession."

When Dr. McCarthy is not working at the clinic, he can be found out and about in the community volunteering his time with the Lions Club International and Knights Of Columbus, or maybe enjoying a nice beverage at the local Moose Lodge. 

Dr. McCarthy