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  • Chiropractic Clinic in Plainfield Shares Health News 11/28/18
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Chiropractic Clinic in Plainfield Shares Health News 11/28/18

Health News 11/28/18

Plainfield Spine And Rehab

Read this article in its entirety at https://www.bbc.com/news/health-46291919 titled Sugary supplement mannose could help fight cancer by Alex Therrien. 


' Mice with pancreatic, lung or skin cancer were given mannose, a sugar also found in cranberries and other fruits. It significantly slowed the growth of their tumours, with no obvious side-effects, researchers found. '

' Scientists also looked at how mannose might affect cancer treatment by giving it to mice that had been treated with two of the most widely used chemotherapy drugs, cisplatin and doxorubicin. They found it enhanced the effects of chemotherapy, slowing the growth of tumours and reducing their size. It also increased the lifespan of some mice. '

' Martin Ledwick, Cancer Research UK's head nurse, said: "Although these results are very promising for the future of some cancer treatments, this is very early research and has not yet been tested in humans.  "Patients should not self-prescribe mannose, as there is a real risk of negative side-effects that haven't been tested for yet." '

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