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  • Plainfield IL Chiropractor shares Cool Health News: 8/27/18
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Plainfield IL Chiropractor shares Cool Health News: 8/27/18

Plainfield Chiropractor shares Cool Health News on Gut Bacteria

Please read the full article titled "How Gut Bacteria Can Save Children's Lives" written by David Robson by clicking on this LINK.

'For decades, undernourished infants across the world have been treated with a course of high-calorie, high-protein rich foods....the common-sense philosophy is always the same: restore the most basic nutrients to the growing body as quickly as possible.'

'But ground-breaking new research suggests that we may be overlooking a key potential solution: the tens of trillions of friendly bacteria living in our digestive tract, together known as the gut microbiota.'

'In the stomach, for instance, he found several species of bacteria that normally inhabited the large intestine. This suggested that an imbalance in their gut microbiota might be linked to their weight loss.'

'Crucially, Smythe also trialled treatments to restore the correct balance, giving the children antibiotics to reduce the colonisation of harmful bacteria and probiotic yogurts that aimed to seed the gut with the helpful species. The result, he reported, was a more rapid recovery.' 

'These findings have already won widespread acclaim, helping Gordon to earn the Royal Society’s prestigious Copley Medal earlier this year' 

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