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Top 3 best ways to get your calcium!

Plainfield Chiropractor Talks About Best Three Ways to Get Calcium

1.) Greens:

Kale, Spinach, Turnip Greens, Seaweed

We tend to turn to milk first for our calcium intake, but leafy greens are the best source for calcium. They may not have as much calcium as milk but what they lack in daily value they make up in a wide range of other phytonutrients.

2.) Fish:

Sardines and Canned Salmon

Not only are we getting our calcium when eating fish, but we are also getting omega 3's & 6's. The EPA and DHA found in fish are great for brain function.

3.) Diary:

Milk, Cheese and Yogurt

Yes diary is king when it comes to calcium, but it is important to try and get your calcium from multiple sources. Also lifestyle changes such as avoiding soft drinks and eating more beans can be very resourceful when trying to uptake calcium.