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  • 3 Steps to a Healthy Spine
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3 Steps to a Healthy Spine

1.) Diet

Diet is important because this is how why are ingesting the nutrients for our spine to use. Look for foods that have Vitamin D, Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium,and Protein. The key word here is foods; getting them the natural way not through supplements but foods.

2.) Exercise

Exercise, weight bearing and strength conditioning is the best approach. Each time you exercise with weights you are putting minor stresses in that bone, and if your diet is healthy the body with apply more nutrients to the bone in those stress spots created by the weight bearing exercise. This causes the bone to become stronger and more dense.

3.) Chiropractic

Chiropractors are to the spine as mechanics are to cars. Getting a check up and making sure your spine is functioning correctly pays dividends down the road. Just like cars need an oil change every so often, our backs need to be checked every so often. If your car is making a weird noise, you know that if you don't get that noise checked out soon the noise will be come louder and probably more expensive to fix. So if you are experiencing spine pain, get it check out before the pain becomes a bigger issue.