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Chiropractic Plainfield Treatments Vs Pain Killer Treatments

Chiropractic VS Opioid Pills

Round 1: Chiropractic is an all natural approach to pain management, where pain medication is synthetic.

Round 1 Winner: Chiropractic. It's all ways best to try to stay as organic as possible when it comes to things we put in our body.

Round 2: Opioids are habit forming, Chiropractic has no physical dependency associated with it

Round 2 Winner: Chiropractic Again. Remember all opioid pain medications come from the same plant that can also produce heroin.

Round 3: Pain pills only hide and mask the pain while Chiropractic focuses on the problem that is causing the pain.

Round 3 Winner: Chiropractic with the knockout. Pills effect the body systematically and don't fix the problem causing the pain, it just masks the problem which allows it to manifest into a bigger problem. Chiropractic focuses on removing the problem which is causing the pain and removing the problem and the pain at the same time.