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The 2 keys to Weight Loss

Key 1: Diet

When we talk about diet it’s not carbohydrates, proteins or fats that are important but calories. All food we ingest are a form of energy that fuels our body. Calories are to the body as gasoline is to a car. The difference between a cars fuel and our body's fuel is when the car is overfilled the gas tank will spill out, in the body when the fuel becomes overfilled the body stores that fuel so it 'spills in'.

Don’t get caught up in the latest craze of diets, don’t look to a magic pill, don’t worry about eating between certain times or eat some hidden secret amazonian fruit that burns fat. Look at your calories. Yes there is a difference between getting your daily fat from an avocado or a salmon versus a fast food deep fried burger but the sad truth is the person who gets their 2,000 calories from a fast food joint will lose more weight against a person who gets their 3,000 calories from fruits, nuts and vegetables.

In the end look at all foods as a form of energy injection into the body.

Key 2: Exercise

Okay, now that you understand that all food is a form of energy, a fuel. Next premise to grasp is all activities we do is a form of energy release. Even sleeping needs fuel, the average female will burn around 70 calories per hour in sleep. Meaning we need fuel just to rest!

We are to look at eating food as a type of energy injection into the body, now we will look at at exercise and activities as a type of energy ejection from the body.

Just like the car analogy before if we have a fuel tank of gas, we need to drive a certain amount of miles to use that fuel up. So if a person already as a certain amount stored fuel in their body they are going to have to do a certain amount of exercise to use up that stored fuel.

Don’t get caught up in the latest exercise crazes. We are bombarded with commercials marketing hot yoga being done on a trampoline with karate kicks as science break through for losing weight. The truth is the person who walks and burns 4,000 calories while on a 2,000 calorie diet will lose more weight than the person who mountain climbs with 200 pounds of gear while only burning 3,000 calories on a 2,000 calorie diet.


I'm so sorry I don't have a cheap gimmick quick fix that doesn't work to sell you. It goes back to the old adage that works, diet and exercise.

Its a simple equation. How many calories are you taking in versus how many calories are you are burning on a daily basis. Genetics and technology are not a factor, and this is the very simple equation the most armies use to get its cadets to gain or lose weight. So while it is very realistic to have a caloric restriction diet on snack and fast food while still losing weight, healthy choices on the types of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins should factor in so weight loss and overall health gain can be achieved.