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Chiropractor Plainfield - Muscle Injury

1.) Sleep

When it comes to sleep both quality and quantity apply. Our bodies are at complete rest while we are alseep so it can focus completely on healing itself. A good undisturbed 7 hour sleep will allow uninterrupted hormone release that helps repair tissues.

2.) Nutrition

Most bodybuilders will tell you the single most supplement they take is protein. And while protein is key for muscle rebuilding and tissue repair, there are minerals, vitamins and amino acids that are helpful as well. Manganese found in nuts, Vitamin C found in fruits, and Leucine found in dairy products are all very effective for helping tissue repair.

3.) Hydration

Water helps keep the body hydrated and our joints lubricated. It can also help flush out any negative by products the body may be storing at injury site as well as keep the brain well nourish so it can produce hormones to help repair the soft tissue injury

4.) Chiropractic Physiotherapy

Visiting your chiropractor can help speed up the healing process while slowing down any pains associated with the muscle injury. If you currently have a muscle injury call 815-439-9800 to see how Plainfield Chiropractic and Rehabilitation can help you.