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Things that may cause Back Pain

When back pain happens you start to question the cause of the pain. And while no one likes to experience back pain, the pain itself is actually quite common. In fact, nearly every adult in the world has experienced back pain at some point during thier life. In many cases, back pain doesn’t actually begin in your back.

Prolonged Sitting

If you spend most of your day behind a desk, you could find yourself sitting for hours without much movement. Prolonged sitting compresses the spine and increases stress on the back and legs. To beat back pain caused by long periods of sitting, remind yourself to get up and move every hour. Choosing an ergonomic chair, keyboard, and mouse pad for your work space can also benefit your health.

Hip Misalignment

Back pain often begins in other parts of the body. Frequently carrying a heavy bag to one side, poor posture, and not wearing supportive shoes can all contribute to hip misalignment leading to low back pain. Misaligned hips often begin as a result of weak back, core or pelvis muscles and uneven shoe wear.

Regardless of where your back pain has started, chiropractic care can usually help. To learn more about how adjustments could help you, contact our practice to set up an appointment.