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Good News on COVID-19!!!


Today we are going to do something different, something no other news outlet has done so far. Today we are going to look at COVID-19 with a glass half full mentality rather than what you see every news outlet pushing -  which is COVID fear porn. So put on a smiley face and get ready for some good news.


The current treatments for COVID-19 offer a lot of promising news and data. One very important statistic that no one is really shining a light on is the American infection to death ratio. Our infection to death ratio is getting better and better, and one reason is we now know what to use to combat symptoms of this virus.

Let’s look at three promising treatments as of today 7/7/20:

[1] Dexamethasone - is a Glucocorticoid steroid drug that has some awesome news lately. They gave a low dose of this drug to severely ill patients with COVID-19 and the results were 1/3 less deaths when compared to similar populations without the use of the drug. That’s awesome! You know what else is awesome about this drug? It’s dirt cheap.


[2] Hydroxychloroquine aka HCQ - is an Immunosuppressive drug and Anti-parasite used to treat and prevent malaria, it is also being used to treat lupus and arthritis. This drug was founded in 1955 and was described as the safest and most effective medicine needed in a health system as recent as 2018. Good news as well, there is plenty of this drug and it too is dirt cheap. Bad news about this drug, President Trump supported it so now everyone else must hate it. The studies on this drug have been politicized which is sad, because how can you politicize science….  "It's important to note that in the right settings, this potentially could be a lifesaver for patients," Dr. Steven Kalkanis. Before we go down a rabbit hole, I’ll link an article from a source that has been anti-HCQ and you can read between the lines yourself about a recent study.


[3] Regeneron and Remdesivir -  both are new drugs to the coronavirus world. Both are very promising drugs. Regeneron REGN-COV2 is an investigational double antibody cocktail going through PHASE 3 of CDC testing, it is thought to both help treat and prevent. Remdesivir is an intravenous antiviral drug that has shown to reduce hospitalization duration and fatality rate. Bad news about new drugs, they are expensive.

Let’s now look at three crazy stats.

[1] Illinois - In Chicago over the 4th of July weekend they had more gun related deaths in one city then the entire State’s COVID-19 deaths in that same weekend. That stat might change because they reduce and increase COVID-19 deaths but as of 7/6/20 it was very true. Also, let’s address the COVID-19 numbers in general, there is around 130K COVID-19 deaths listed so far but the CDC expects that number to be reduced by at least 25% due to the fact anybody that dies with COVID-19 is being initially listed as a COVID-19 death regardless of the external factors.

[2] Florida - Florida has an explosion of new cases. New infections, new infections, new infections! This is bad news is it not? Meh. If you look at Florida’s new infections, they have had an amazing infection to death ratio. Let’s look at their 15 - 35 age group. They have had around 74,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 27 deaths, that is less than a .01% chance of dying from the virus. Want more good news? The CDC has confirmed there is 11-24x times the amount of cases then we have confirmed for infected in Florida. This is good because it drops the infection to death ratio even further showing this virus isn't as deadly as we first thought. Sure, infections are high in Florida but deaths are low and that is what is important and that is not being celebrated.

[3] Texas - Hospitalizations are near capacity? Texas recently made the news when a couple of Houston hospitals stated they are near 90% capacity. Here’s the fun fact,, Houston hospitals are currently operating at a smaller capacity this year when compared to last year. There is a lot of juicy details left out right now about the Houston hospitalizations. Did you know they delayed all elective surgeries during the 1st part of the COVID-19 crisis? The hospitals are not filled to the brim with COV19 cases, they are actually filled with a bunch of delayed surgeries and some COVID-19 cases. Did you know it’s very profitable to operate at capacity especially with COVID-19 cases? These hospitals could easily overflow their patients to surrounding hospitals and any surrounding hospitals would gladly take these patients in. They are not because all hospitals are low on funds this year, they need to recoup cash from loss of income so they don’t care about packing them in. Yes, hospitals work by commerce and they have more administrators then doctors and nurses to make sure profit margins are met, so they can operate. The take home message here is: Hospitals are fine and even during a surge of new cases, let’s compare Texas’s 200,000 confirmed cases to New York’s 420,000 cases and now Texas’s 2,700 deaths to New York’s 32,000 deaths. If you look at Texas’s death rates on a timeline graph, you will see they are doing fine and hospitals can operate near capacity as they were designed to even during a pandemic and there is plenty of hospitals nearby eager for any overflow patients.  

Did you know sunlight kills the airborne coronavirus almost instantly? That is good news for people who wish to go to the beach, swim with friends, eat outside with a neighbor. Did you know sunlight is the best way to get Vitamin D? Did you know that people who are Vitamin D deficient have an astronomical higher chance of a negative outcome when contracting COVID19?




Go out, get some sunlight, interact with other humans, and enjoy life. For every negative over hyped talking point pandemic porn pushing news station crap you are hearing… I have positive news that states otherwise and only supports drinking a beer outside with your friend in some sunshine.