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  • Plainfield Spine And Rehab: Health News 2/10/2020
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Plainfield Spine And Rehab: Health News 2/10/2020

Plainfield Spine And Rehab: Health News - Heart attack symptoms

To read the article titled "Heart attack symptoms can be more than chest pain" by Alexandria Hein in it full entirety click this LINK

February is heart health awareness month 

“Chest pain is the classic symptom of a heart attack, but it is important to appreciate that different people can experience chest pain in different ways,” 

“certain accompanying features" – such as sweating, nausea and vomiting or radiation to the arms – increase the likelihood that the discomfort are signs of an impending heart attack. 

“Individuals with a family history of a heart attack may also be at increased risk, although it is important to recognize that factors beyond genetics may have affected family members’ risk for heart attack,” 

“the power to reduce risk” of heart attack, and it begins with a simple self-assessment to evaluate blood pressure, cholesterol levels, exercise habits, weight, diet and lifestyle factors. 

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