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  • Plainfield Chiropractor Health News 8/20/19
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Plainfield Chiropractor Health News 8/20/19

Health News 8/20/19

To read the article titled 'Heartland virus found in Illinois ticks' by Alexandria Hein in its full entirety click on this LINK HERE. 

'Health officials at the time collected ticks from the area and sent them to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for testing, which yielded positive results in the Lone Star tick species'

'The CDC reports that the virus can be transmitted through the bite of an infected tick, mosquito or sandfly.'

'Symptoms of the virus can mimic those of other tick-borne diseases, including fever, headache, fatigue, muscle aches and diarrhea, but most report becoming sick about two weeks after being bitten. There is no treatment or vaccine, and while most patients fully recover after being hospitalized, there have been several fatalities.'

'It is important to take precautions and protect yourself from tick bites by using insect repellent and checking regularly for ticks when in wooded areas or high grass' 

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