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What is my Plainfield Chiropractor looking at?

What is my Plainfield Chiropractor looking at?

When a patient is laying face down, a question a lot of chiropractors get asked is what are you looking and feeling for?

When a chiropractor puts his hands on your spine he is feeling for multiple things. General shapes and curves of the body, is a hump in the back due to a scoliosis, is there a lump in the back due to a fall? Muscle tension, how do the muscles feel, is it tighter on the left or is their a spasm on the right. Skin temperature,  does certain areas feel more warm then other areas, is an area inflamed? Joint play, how does a joint respond when motion is applied to it, will it rebound, is it 'stuck'? As you can see the chiropractor is feeling for multiple different things.

Why does my chiropractor keep looking at my feet?

Chiropractors may do a technique that involves checking out your leg lengths. A short leg or a long leg can give the doctor an idea of the the sacrum and ilium are doing. A short leg on the left may indicate and high hip on the left. A flared foot on the right might indicate a hip rotation on the right. The doctor is trying to put humpty dumpty back together again so to speak and these are little clues on how the puzzle should go back together.  

As you can see the doctor is processing many different things while the patient is laying down. Chiropractic hands take many years to understand what they are feeling, and different chiropractic techniques such as reading leg lengths take many years to master what the body is showing.  


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