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  • Plainfield IL Health News 5/30/19
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Plainfield IL Health News 5/30/19

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To read this article by James Gallagher, click on this link: https://www.bbc.com/news/health-48446924. The article dives deep on processed food diets and the unhealthy lifestyles correlated with them. In general we always encourage our patients to eat fresh meats and fresh produce, and stay away from pre-packaged food.

'"Processed foods" have been altered to make them last longer or taste better - generally using salt, oil, sugar or fermentation.'

'Spain, followed 19,899 people for a decade and assessed their diet every other year. There were 335 deaths during the study. But for every 10 deaths among those eating the least ultra-processed food, there were 16 deaths among those eating the most (more than four portions a day).'

'The first trial of ultra-processed foods showed they led people to eat more and put on weight.'

'The challenge is being 100% sure. The studies have spotted a pattern between highly processed food and poor health but they cannot prove that one causes the other.' 

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