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  • Chiropractor in Plainfield shares Health News 2/1/19
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Chiropractor in Plainfield shares Health News 2/1/19

Health News 2/1/19

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Click on this link https://www.bbc.com/news/health-47058919 to read the full article titled "More over-75s should take statins, experts say". 

'There had been a lack of evidence about how much the cholesterol-lowering drugs benefit this age group. But the review found they cut the risk of major cardiovascular disease in all ages studied, including the over-75s.'

'Cardiovascular disease kills about 150,000 people in the UK each year, with two-thirds of these occurring in people over the age of 75.'

'Statins reduce the build-up of fatty plaques that lead to blockages in blood vessels, though reported side effects and the extent of how often they are prescribed has attracted controversy. '

'The review, which looked at 28 randomised controlled trials - often called the "gold standard" of studies - involving nearly 190,000 patients, found statins lowered the risk of major cardiovascular disease in the ages studied, from under-55s to over-75s.'

'It is possible to lower cholesterol levels without drugs by making lifestyle changes, such as by cutting down on saturated fat and eating more fruit, vegetables and fibre.'

'GPs are highly trained to prescribe and will only recommend the drugs if they think they will genuinely help the person sitting in front of them, based on their individual circumstances - and after a frank conversation about the potential risks and benefits '

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